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We are founded by startup executives for startup executives. We are based in Berlin. We are natives of Europe. We are committed to helping U.S. startups bring innovative products and ideas to Europe.


Market Entry Planning
Product Localization
Budget & KPI Setting


Organizational Structure
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Why Work With Us

Move faster

We have an extensive local reach to help you move quickly.

We speak local languages to help you with translation, recruiting, legal, brand & performance marketing, PR, and local stakeholder engagement.

We have a first hand understanding of the US-European culture gap to help you communicate efficiently.

Build knowledge

We help your organization adapt quickly to the iterative process of international expansion

We help you make sense of data and to distinguish between signal and noise

We support you in transferring critical learnings from European expansion to other parts of the business.

Avoid mistakes

We draw on 20 years of combined experience in international expansion.

We know the local markets and are powered by an extensive network across Europe.

We’ve helped marketplaces, eCommerce, sales-driven businesses and hardware startups succeed in Europe.

Georg and Christopher are Olympic animals. They were core members of our international expansion team and they have the hustle and the practical know-how to expand your business in Europe.

– Nathan Blecharczyk, Co-founder, Airbnb

Working with the Expansion Partner team was an invaluable experience for Peerspace. We were able to validate the market opportunity, recruit a team, and execute an international pilot program under time and under budget. I'd recommend working with this team for any company that is interested in exploring an international expansion strategy

– Rony Chammas, Co-founder, Peerspace


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