Wonder Workshop

About the Company

  • Founded in 2012, based in San Mateo, California
  • Industry: Robotics, Hardware, Software, Edtech, B2C, B2B
  • Total funding: $78m from CRV, Madrona Ventures Group, Tencent, GV and others

Wonder Workshop’s goal is to teach kids how to code while having fun. Their robots including Cue, Dash, and their Dot Creativity Kit bring together robotics and education in a new and innovative way.



Back in 2016 Wonder Workshop had no physical presence in Europe and only loose relationships with resellers. Expansion Partner led Wonder Workshop’s efforts to identify opportunities in the European market and roll out operations in Europe. The project started in July 2016—four months before the peak holiday sales period which generates approximately 75% of the toy industry’s revenue.


Expansion Partner started by ensuring that Wonder Workshop was compliant with the EU’s legal and regulatory requirements in order to produce educational products and toys for children. Next, we took a lead in planning and executing consumer education strategy in three core markets: Germany, the UK, and France.

Wonder Workshop’s local operations—including marketing, sales, account management, content, and social media teams—were then established in Berlin. During this time, Expansion Partner managed product, content and marketing asset localization and went on to manage over 70 education resellers in over 22 additional countries.

In Q4 2016, Wonder Workshop was launched with a significant online marketing push on Amazon in Europe. It secured the number one STEM Toy spot on Amazon Launchpad in Europe.


Wonder Workshop launched in Europe within eight weeks and in time for 2016’s holiday sales period. Within 18 months Wonder Workshop was operating successfully and stably in Europe and enjoying sizable European sales. In 2018 Expansion Partner led the GM EMEA search and successfully handed over the business in Q4 2018.